ArconQ Features

Hosting with Automated Orchestration and Infrastructure

ArconQ’s hosts your applications without the need for any external dependencies. It takes care of all orchestration aspects for your solution with no manual integration of services required.

  • Infrastructure Automation

    All of this is underpinned by our world-class, UK-based support team and extensive partner network, handpicked to find you the perfect cyber solutions to fit your business needs.

  • Automatic Resource Management

    Automated resource provisioning and load balancing across physical nodes for optimal performance. Scale your solutions without any code changes or manual effort.

  • Robust communication

    Communication between all hosted applications and processes is handled automatically, no development effort required.

    • Built-in message broker
    • Protocols for efficiency, security, fault-tolerance applied by default
  • Integrated Self-Healing

    Automated recovery features monitor system health in real-time. They detect and restart failed applications, minimizing downtime.

  • Cross-Platform-Compatibility

    Thanks to Kubernetes integration, you can run your applications on various environments without additional manual effort:

    • Windows or Linux
    • In the cloud or completely on-premise
  • Communication diagram for Apps

    Create and modify the connectivity layout between your Apps via drag and drop, using an intuitive, visual diagram.

Deployment and management of apps

Creating, deploying and managing your applications was never easier than with ArconQ. ArconQ’s integrated suite of features ensures a seamless and efficient software lifecycle from development to deployment.

  • Built-In CI/CD-Pipeline

    Deploy your applications to the ArconQ platform via a graphical user interface or Command Line Interface with full CI/CD support. No DevOps specialists required.

  • Polyglot Programming

    Write your applications in any programming language. Use a intuitive, light-weight SDK to create and deploy your applications to ArconQ.

  • Automated Rollbacks

    Restore previous versions of applications at any time with just a click. A full version/change history for every hosted app is available.

  • Zero-Downtime Updates

    Update applications with a single click. Updates are are deployed seamlessly without the need to stop ongoing processes.

  • App Configuration and Instancing

    Create multiple instances of each your applications with different configurations that can run simultaneously.

Control tower for your solution

Once your solution is deployed and running, real-time monitoring and control are essential. ArconQ gives you a real-time overview of even the most complex distributed systems.

  • Admin Console

    Interact with your applications directly from the administrative console through their actual UI, eliminating the need to sift through logs, metrics, and traces.

  • Customizable Dashboards

    Merge and tailor the UIs of your applications to create custom Dashboards that show exactly the information that you need. Monitor and control your entire solution without switching between different applications.

  • Powerful logging and tracing

    Distributed logging and tracing systems monitor application performance and help in troubleshooting.

    • View your real-time logs as a slide-out panels.
    • Search and and filter Logs by date, severity, keyword and more
  • Real-Time Perfomance Metrics

    Monitor the performance and health of your system on a visual dashboard incl. CPU and memory utilization and other metrics.