Deliver world-class enterprise applications faster

You are in charge of building complex enterprise applications and automation solutions. With ArconQ, you can focus on features, not software challenges.

ArconQ is the only all-in-one integration platform that cuts through the complexity of software development, so that teams can focus on the core of their applications — the business logic.

Our customers:

Maximize Business Impact


Faster Time to Market

  • Built-in scalability, observability, and robustness.
  • Avoid development pitfalls and technological blockers.
  • Reduce development time by up to 80%.
  • Focus only on business logic.


Reduced need for specialized skills

  • Build solutions with your existing teams and domain experts.
  • No DevOps, system architects and platform engineers required.
  • Write applications in any language.


Quality software

  • Design standards and best practices applied by default.
  • Maintain consistent standards across all apps and dev teams.
  • Eliminate performance issues and system faults.



  • Easily adapt your solutions to growing business demands.
  • Run your application on any environment.
  • Deploy apps in the cloud or on-premise.

Developing Enterprise Applications
is hard…

No time to focus on features

In modern software development, even 80% of development time is consumed by infrastructure management, service orchestration, and ensuring system robustness, leaving you with little time to focus on business logic.

A complex landscape of tools

Distributed applications require a vast array of tools and services that must be selected, licensed, and integrated, stretching out your development time. Choosing the right tools is often overwhelming.

Difficult technological decisions

Important architectural decisions must be made early in development and have long-term impacts. Wrong choices often become costly or impossible to fix later.

…but it doesn’t have to be.

Minimized complexity

ArconQ removes technological and architectural challenges by providing a hosting environment that ensures built-in scalability, observability, resilience, performance and security for your applications.

All necessary tools under the hood

Tools and services required for communication, scheduling, resource provisioning, load balancing and many other aspects are integrated in ArconQ. Your applications use these built-in features automatically.

100% focus on business logic

As a result, ArconQ provides you with the technological groundwork for the development of state-of-the-art applications. Stop worrying about technological challenges, instead focus only on business logic and delivering high-impact features.

ArconQ in numbers

Leveraging almost 25 years of our expertise in industry automation and digitalization, we’ve distilled our experience into the ArconQ platform, offering state-of-the art solutions to technological challenges.


Years of experience

Macrix Technology Group is the company behind ArconQ. Since our founding in 2000, we have been a trusted technology partner for leading industrial companies in areas such as steel production, logistics and mining.


Successful projects

With more than 1,000 successful digitalization and automation projects worldwide, our extensive experience forms the foundation of the ArconQ, directly benefiting you.


Unique Features

More than 75 features support you in building sophisticated software systems. Our product team enhances ArconQ daily. Your apps benefit from the latest features and improvements without manual intervention required.

Focus on business value, not overhead.

Automating and digitalizing complex business processes requires building sophisticated distributed software systems. Make the job easier with ArconQ.

Software development is getting increasingly complex, requiring specialized developers, a vast array of tools and complex architecture. With ArconQ, you don’t need to worry about these challenges anymore.


You struggle to deliver projects on time.

Deadlines are burning and the development cycle for our applications drags on, causing significant delays in time-to-market.
You projects get bogged down by complex technical challenges, leading to missed deadlines, frustrated stakeholders and lost business opportunities.  


80% faster time-to-market with ArconQ

ArconQ simplifies the development of complex, distributed application by taking care of complex backend tasks like infrastructure, orchestration or inter-application communication.

This allows your developers to focus 100% on coding the business logic and delivering high-impact features.


You have the domain experts, but lack software specialists.

Your developers have deep domain knowledge, but you lack highly specialized tech experts. DevOps engineers, database specialists and system architects are hard to find and expensive.
Without specialized support, your teams struggle to bridge the gap between domain expertise and the technological demands of their projects. 


Build applications with your existing teams

With ArconQ, any developer can build modern applications in accordance with state-of-the-art technological standards. It abstracts away the complexity of backend development and offers built-in best practices and solutions, minimizing the dependency on specialized tech experts.


Your applications don’t scale

Your applications work in small environments, but when scaled to increased complexity they hit their limits. Low performance, lack of availability and inadequate fault-tolerance slow down processes, cause frequent downtimes and frustrating user experiences.


Out of the box scalability

Applications hosted in ArconQ scale by default without manual effort. Built-in resource provisioning, load balancing across physical nodes and resilience mechanisms ensure that your applications meet the growing demands of your business.